"Pinulutan Ako Sa Bahay Ni Kuya!" Alexa Ilacad, May Maanghang Na Mensahe Kay Brenda Mage!

Just before the year ended, Alexa Ilacad exited the Pinoy Big Brother House along with her good friend KD Estrada. Her stay inside the house may be short, but for her it was a really meaningful experience.

All this time, the 21-year old singer-actress thought that everything’s going well inside the house. Little did she know that she has already become the topic of most conversations between her co-housemates.

Right after she left the Pinoy Big Brother house, Alexa took to social media to thank everyone who had supported her throughout her stay in the PBB house. According to her, when she entered the PBB house, she was armed with nothing but hopes and dreams but she ended up gaining a lot more when she left.

On that same post, she expressed how grateful she is to her fandom who never let her down.

However, since the actress already got the access to her social media accounts she was able to watch the viral clips from different episodes of Pinoy Big Brother.

We really can’t deny the fact that her endless debate with Brenda Mage is one of the much awaited scenes in PBB. But what does she have to say about this issue? In her most recent live show in the streaming App Kumu, she directly answered the netizen’s question as to how she will react if she gets to meet Brenda outside the PBB house.

It was at that moment when Alexa admitted that she got hurt upon hearing those words from Brenda. She even mentioned that she somehow became everyone’s favorite topic inside the house.

The actress said, “I’m not going to lie and be [a] hypocrite. And I will say na masakit. Ang sakit talaga. Wala akong ka idi-idea na parang na pala akong pulutan sa Bahay ni Kuya,”

She also admitted that it may take quite sometime before she’s able to forgive them for talking behiind her back.

“So, if I were to approach that person siguro it would take time. I think, for the other side kesa sa akin, kasi mabilis akong magpatawad. And I don’t like holding grudges. I think life is too short for all of that,” She added.

Nevertheless, Alexa stated that if ever their paths crossed, she would still remain professional.

“So, for me, if mag-apologize man siya o hindi, I will choose to be the bigger person, as always. And also, kung makita ko man siya, I’m a professional. I will be civil with that person,” she said.

“Respeto pa rin ang dapat manaig at kung siya wala siya nun, para sa akin that’s not my problem,” She continued.

The young actress also mentioned that she has already heard a lot of negative comments about her but she didn’t bat an eye because she believes that she’s not hurting anyone.

“Parang ang dami-dami kong nakikita. Ang dami kong naririnig, hindi kaaya-aya. But at the end of the day, at least, alam ko sa sarili ko, ako, wala akong inapakan na tao o sinabihan nang masama. So, makakatulog ako doon.”

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