Derek Ramsay, Inamin Ang Tunay Na Damdamin Para Sa Anak Ng Asawa Na si Elias Modesto

Derek Ramsay participated in the Q&A on Instagram Stories, accepting questions from fans and followers at random.

Elias, his wife Ellen Adarna’s only son was the subject of one of the queries hurled his way.

He was asked about the small child and how he felt about him.

“How do you feel about Elias?”

“How do I feel about Elias? I love this boy so so so much. So so much,” Derek responded directly and without hesitation.

Derek has been particularly close to the little child, as evidenced by the videos that either Derek or Ellen would share.

Elias’ approach to him would demonstrate how much the youngster adored him. Elias has been pampered as if he were his own.

They would undertake activities together, and both Elias and Derek’s faces were always beaming with excitement.

Derek and Elias recently spent some last-minute bonding time during a trip to Bukidnon.

In an adventure resort earlier today, Derek went ziplining with Elias, as shown on Adarna’s Instagram Stories on December 31.

Adarna and her son, Ramsay, also went on a zipline today, as seen in a series of photos on her Instagram page.

Ellen added, “My Adventurous Boys.” She also provided a photo of herself with Derek, Elias, and Ramsay’s son Austin and nephew Elian, as well as a family photo.

This year, Adarna and Ramsay enjoyed a whirlwind courtship, officially announcing their love in February amid reports of dating. In March, the couple got engaged not long after. They tied the knot in Bataan on November 11th.

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