AJ Raval, sa wakas ay umalma na sa mga paratang umano ng kaniyang ex boyfriend na si Axel Torres

Axel Torres, AJ Raval’s ex-boyfriend, uploaded fascinating photos online, and here is what the young actress had to say about it.

The audience seems to be underwhelmed by AJ Raval’s blossoming romance with Nerisa co-star Aljur Abrenica. She already stated that she is entertaining him and that she is open to falling in love with him in a previous piece.

She also stated that negative feedback from others has no bearing on her.

In the aftermath of her confession, her ex-boyfriend, former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Axel Torres, uploaded a series of fascinating photographs on social media that drew a lot of attention.

The woman’s face was not visible in the photographs, but it was clearly her. Her tattoo, shoes, and curly hair all give away that it’s her in the photo.

As a result, one of the reasons for their breakup is his disagreement with her decision to pursue a career in show business. He hasn’t adjusted, and one of his leading guys has made him envious.

She went on to say, “Ayaw din po talaga niya ng karera ko ngayon. Ayaw po niya akong magpaseksi, which is naiintindihan ko naman siya sa part niya.”

Part of the text on Axel’s Instagram post and photographs reads, “my ex is probably out having fun, hooking up with the person that she told me not to worry about but it’s alright.”

People gushed over AJ’s previous statement about not being able to experience being shocked and other things in the images on his Instagram stories. This is due to the fact that the photographs suggested the actor’s efforts while they were still together. However, the young actress has slammed such notions.

She explained, “Actually yung photo na nakita niyo, ako ang nag-shopping doon and nag-arrange. Nagpa-pic lang ako kasi Valentine’s Day ‘yon, gusto ko lang mag-post na sinurprise din ako. Tama na ang pagmamagaling, ha? Wala kayong alam.”

She also criticized individuals who can lie yet don’t feel bad about it in another.

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