Isiniwalat Na Kung Paano Tratuhin Ni Vic Sotto Si Pauleen Luna

Pauleen Luna together with her husband comedian Vic Sotto has already clarified the issues that have been firing at them for a long time because of their huge age gap. Currently, Pauleen Luna is 31 years old while her husband Vic Sotto is 66 years old who according to a netizen is already a senior citizen. Because of their large age gap, they are often the target of various forms of critic1sm of their spouses.

Just previously they had an interview with a famous Journalist Luchi Cruz-Valdes. Pauleen Luna allegedly did not respond well when she was asked about the issue of how to manage the age gap of her husband Vic Sotto because she did not feel it. In reply to her social media account, Pauleen shared the response to the questions being fired at her after she believed it is over.

According to Puleen, “A few weeks ago, we were interviewed by Miss Luchi Cruz-Valdes for her show.
She asked me “How do you deal with the age gap?”
I wasn’t able to give a good answer because i honestly do not feel the “gap” that we have. That afternoon, i thought hard about that question and i came up with an answer, a real answer.”

She added, “My husband loves me very much and gives me a certain kind of confidence and security about our relationship but i think the thing i love most about him is the amount of respect he gives me. He respects my life decisions, he respects my room to grow and he respects me like an equal.”

She continued, “Never did i hear my husband raise his voice and felt like i was younger and didn’t matter. I always felt validated. I always feel important around him. Respect plays a big role in any relationship. I know deep in my heart that it’s one of the main reasons why this relationship is so easy.”

Pauleen Luna’s response to LuchiCruz-Valdes’ questions is just proof that age doesn’t matter as long as you love and respect each other in two people who are really in love with each other.

What can you say about this? Do you admire Vic Sotto’s how he handled his wife Pauleen Luna? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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