Miss International Bea Rose Santiago reveal that she’s undergoing di@lysis 5 times a week

Former Miss International Bea Rose Santiago recently revealed that she is undergoing di@lysis five times a week.

Some years after beauty queen Bea Rose Santiago shared about k1dney failure story, the 30-year-old Miss International 2013 has updated her fans with new information about her battle

According to her, amid the pandemic, she has been having a hard time.

With her protein intake and now has low phosphate, low hemoglobin, and having muscle aches.

Bea, who is currently in Canada, shared that she has also changed her lifestyle.

“I need weekly Aranesp and Iron shots to help me since I dialyze 5x a week and each time is 8 hours while I sleep. Works like magic,” she added.

She also admits that she’s a lazy cook then she recommends her followers to try a plant-based diet.

In the comments section, many of Santiago’s friends and followers sent their prayers and messages of support.

Replying to one of the comments, the Miss International 2013 titleholder expressed optimism despite her situation, saying that “God always finds a way.”

“There’s always a reason why we go through life,” she said

In 2018, Bea revealed that she’s been undergoing dialysis after being diagnosed with chronic kidney dis3ase.

Prompting her to leave the country and receive treatment in Toronto General Hospital.

When she migrated to Canada, the stress that came with adjusting to the new environment also took a toll on her health.

Despite this major setback, Bea stays positive and resilient. She is now in the process of screening living donors.

So far, her candidates are her mom, her brother, her best friend, and her boyfriend Marc Nash.

Get well soonest Miss Bea Rose!

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