Marjorie Barretto, May Inamin Tungkol Kay Gerald Anderson Na Ngayon Lang Nalaman Ng Publiko

Actor and seasoned talent manager Ogie Diaz revealed that out of every guy that entered Julia Barretto’s life, her mom, Marjorie, prefers her current partner, Gerald Anderson due to this certain reason.

According to Ogie on his newly uploaded vlog, he has talked with Marjorie and the celebrity mom explained why she is much fond of the Kapamilya hunk.

Said Marjorie, she has seen how Gerald takes care of her daughter, which earned her love and respect for the man.


During the celebration of Julia’s 24th birthday last March, Marjorie and her eldest daughter, Dani Barretto express their love for the actress.

They also proudly share how happy Julia is right now because of her stability in love and career.

In Instagram, both of them greeted the actress.

Wrote Marjorie, (published as is): “I feel this peace in my heart as we celebrate your birthday today, i feel your happiness, Jul.

“The happiest i have seen you in years.

“And that is my answered prayer. For always and forever you have me, behind and beside you. Happy Birthday to my daughter, my friend, my heart and my life. We love you so much [heart emoji]”

On the other hand, Dani pens, To my original baby and #1 fan, hahahaha happy happy birthday, My Juju bear!!

“Seeing you at your happiest makes my heart so so so happy. That’s all I ever wanted for you.”

Dani also thanked Julia for being a good influence on her daughter Millie.

Dani added, “May this year bring you more blessings and never ending happiness. I’ll always be here for you no matter what.”

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